Oita Shiitake Promotion Council

Both the Quantity and Quality of Oita's Dried Shiitake are the Best in Japan!


We are proud that both the quantity and quality of dried shiitake produced in Oita prefecture are the best in Japan. Organically grown and cultivated exclusively on logs of sawtooth oak, these dried shiitake are thick and fleshy with a rich flavor.

Dried shiitake are full of savoriness. They are a magical ingredient that transforms ordinary cooking into delicious cuisine having a depth of flavor. If you know the trick to using them, you can include shiitake in your cooking easily at any time! We hope you will enjoy using them at home and as gifts.

The Trophy Cup Handed to the Champion at the Grand Sumo Tournament

The famous Dried Shiitake Cup at the grand sumo tournament awards ceremony is filled chock full of Oita-grown premium brand Kouko Shiitake.

Your Health and Shiitake

Shiitake for good health

Shiitake are rich in nutrition. Foremost, their characteristic nutrients and eritadenine can lower your blood pressure. Additionally, their vitamin D will strengthen your bones and teeth, their dietary fiber is helpful for your digestion, and the vitamin B complex is good for women. Vitamin D in particular benefits during the drying process, with concentrations increasing by up to 30 times. Incorporate shiitake into your daily diet, and live each day full of energy and in good health!

How the World-Renowned Agricultural-Forestry-Fisheries Cycle Works

Introducing a Tracing System!  A Safe and Worry-Free Product

Our tracing system displays "Made in Oita" on dried shiitake products being sold. This notation is your proof that these dried shiitake were grown in Oita prefecture. Because we are able to track the distribution history of each item using the serial number, we are able to prevent false labeling.
As of 2016, there are 45 producers using this system for product management; united together we are working to protect the Oita brand.
Additionally, because in the normal course of things dried shiitake produced in Oita prefecture are cultivated without the use of agrochemicals, you can consume them safely and without worry.

This Mark is Our Sign
The Definition of "Dried Shiitake Produced in Oita Prefecture"

Logs grown in Oita prefecture and inoculated with Japanese shiitake spores in Oita prefecture. Shiitake cultivated, harvested and dried in Oita prefecture.

Various Methods for Reconstituting Dried Shiitake

▼ Basic Collection

The best way to draw out the maximum savoriness from the dried shiitake is to slowly reconstitute them at a low temperature!

Reconstitute them using cold water 5℃/40°F (in the refrigerator).

  • Koushin (the cap is spread open, thin - fleshed shiitake): approx. 5 hours
  • Donko (the cap curls under, thick-fleshed shiitake) : approx. 10 hours

→ ziploc bags or containers with lids are useful

Wash the dried shiitake well in cool water

Wash the dried shiitake well in cool water, then place them into a bag. Pour in cold water sufficient for soaking.

in the refrigerator

Squeeze any air out of the bag, then close it tightly and place it in the refrigerator.

Once the shiitake have reconstituted

Once the shiitake have reconstituted, remove the stems and use the shiitake in a variety of dishes!

What should you do when you have reconstituted a lot of dried shiitake?

We recommend cutting them into a few different easy-to-use shapes, putting them into freezer bags, and freezing them!
If you also freeze the soaking water into ice cubes, you will have it available anytime for using as mushroom broth.


Place the cut shiitake in bags according to shape, then spread the bags out as flat as possible and freeze them.

breaking off just the amount you need

You can use the frozen shiitake as they are, breaking off just the amount you need.

move the mushroom broth cubes to an airtight container and store them in the freezer

Once the soaking water has frozen into cubes, move the mushroom broth cubes to an airtight container and store them in the freezer.

▼ Variety Collection

You can reconstitute dried shiitake in a variety of liquids other than water, and if you do the variety of dishes you cook will expand and your cooking will become even more delicious!
▼ Tomato Juice
Tomato Juice

Tomato Juice Has Guanylic and Glutamic Acids
That Increase the Savoriness of Foods
Add to your soups and risottos.
Even just top with cheese and toast, and that is tasty!

▼ Milk and Soy Milk
Milk and Soy Milk

Milk and Soy Milk Have Vitamin D That Promotes the Absorption of Calcium
Add to your pastas with cream sauce or to stews.

▼ Consomme

The Richness of Consomme together with the Savoriness of Shiitake Enhance Each Other
Add shiitake "steaks" to your vegetable stir fries.

▼ Black Vinegar
Black Vinegar

Black Vinegar Cleans Your Blood and Keeps Your Body Fit
Add to sweet-and-sour stir fries such as fried-and-marinated fish or sweet-and-sour pork.

Add Oita Dried Shiitake into your home cuisine; you will be glad you did!

Introduce restaurants where you can have Shiitake dishes.